Sheriff John Mina

On the Issues

Protecting our community

Since being elected in 2018, Sheriff John Mina has kept Orange County safe by bringing state-of-the-art technology to the Sheriff’s office and promoting smart justice policies in our community.

He’s kept crime low by introducing a new crime lab that features rapid DNA testing and has protected our children by placing a School Resource Deputy in all traditional public schools. But John knows that protecting our community is about more than just fighting crime. He’s built a smarter justice system with community partnerships, a holistic approach to the opioid crisis and a sharp reduction in juvenile arrests.

Keep Crime Low

Sheriff Mina’s number one priority is upholding his commitment to protect the community and keep crime low. As a result of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s hard work, the County saw a decrease in its overall crime rate in 2019. Sheriff Mina has prioritized hiring new staff as the County’s population grows, and hired more than 160 new deputies in 2019. The Sheriff’s Office was proud to introduce Central Florida’s first state-of-the-art Crime Lab in 2019, which enables high-tech, rapid DNA processing. Moving forward, Sheriff Mina will continue to work with municipal and legislative bodies on regional issues, and will continue to provide deputies with the best training and technology to protect and serve Orange County.

Accountability & Transparency

Sheriff Mina has enhanced community trust through his emphasis on accountability and transparency. The Sheriff’s Office has implemented robust measures to hold its deputies to the highest standards of conduct, including: a requirement that all patrol officers wear body cameras; rigorous training in de-escalation tactics, crisis intervention and treating all members of our community with dignity and respect; and a Use of Force policy that emphasizes deputies’ duty to intervene if they observe an unnecessary or unreasonable use of force. As part of his commitment to transparency, Sheriff Mina’s nine-member Citizens Advisory Committee studies agency policies and procedures and provides recommendations for constructive change.

School Safety

Sheriff Mina has prioritized keeping our children safe by assigning school resource deputies to all traditional public schools within our jurisdiction. The Sheriff’s Office intelligence center now has real-time access to the 6,000 plus camera feeds in Orange County Public Schools, which enables the Sheriff’s Office to respond immediately to threats. Sheriff Mina will continue to work with the Orange County School Board and listen to the community regarding school safety concerns and priorities.

Mental Health

Sheriff Mina understands that mental health is a complex and underfunded issue, which is why he has made it a priority. Internally, the Sheriff’s Office provides deputies and civilian staff with mental health resources. Sheriff Mina ensures employees who seek mental health assistance will not be stigmatized or prevented from pursuing promotions or job growth. This year, Sheriff Mina plans to launch a Mobile Crisis Unit, which will deploy deputies and mental health professionals to individuals in the community in severe crisis. Sheriff Mina is continually working with the community and nonprofit organizations to ensure mental health remains a priority.


Sheriff Mina has made leading the fight against opioids a priority, which is why all of the County’s deputies are equipped with the opioid overdose medication, NARCAN. In 2019, Orange County saw a 10% reduction in opioid overdoses, but Sheriff Mina knows there is more to be done. Sheriff Mina is continually working with the community on innovative and holistic approaches to combat opioid use and assist with opioid rehabilitation programs. This year, the Sheriff’s Office is exploring doubling the amount of NARCAN deputies carry.

Juvenile Crime

Since 2014, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has seen juvenile arrests decrease by nearly 40 percent, and that trend is expected to continue. Part of that is due Sheriff’s Mina’s efforts to ensure that deputies have alternatives to arrest. Sheriff Mina believes that our youth don’t belong entrenched in the juvenile justice system based on one mistake. Under Sheriff Mina’s leadership, deputies have increased the use of Juvenile Civil Citations in lieu of arrest. That can’t be done for the more serious crimes, but they are a very effective tool in helping to keep kids out of the criminal justice system.

Community Engagement

Community involvement and engagement are priorities for Sheriff Mina, which is why he has community-oriented policing squads in place. Sheriff’s Office deputies are actively involved with various organizations, including the Orange County Police Athletic League, which provides educational and athletic programs to at-risk youth to discourage drug use, gang membership and school truancy. The Sheriff’s Office offers teens the opportunity to participate in its Teen Academy, which is an interactive program that educates students on the functions and responsibilities of the office. Additionally, Sheriff Mina and his deputies participate in “Coffee with a Cop,” the Dueling Dragons dragon boat racing and mentoring program, teen events and various community forums and town halls. Sheriff Mina believes that forming relationships with residents is crucial to building trust between law enforcement and the community. Moving forward, Sheriff Mina will continue building relationships in the community by remaining active in community events, hosting community barbecues and expanding community-oriented policing squads.

Diversity & Inclusion

Sheriff Mina is proud that Orange County is a diverse community, which is why he has prioritized diversity and inclusion. Regardless of an individual’s ethnicity, religion or gender identity, Sheriff’s Office deputies are trained to treat everyone with respect and dignity. Recently, the Sheriff’s Office launched the Safe Place Initiative, which provides the LGBTQ community with safety information and safe places throughout the County for victims of crime or student bullying. Sheriff Mina will continue to work with community groups, businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations to help ensure Orange County is a place that accepts, respects and celebrates diversity.